‘Dharma Sangh’ and ‘Ramarajya Parishad’ are two organizations started by Sri Karpatri ji Maharaj who was known for his compassion for all living entities and as an authority on dharma. Shankaracharya Swami Sri Nischalananda Saraswati has reorganized Ramarajya Parishad within the contours of ‘Dharma Sangh.’ By establishing ‘Peetha Parishad’, he as setup under its aegis the ‘Sanatana Sant Samiti’, ‘Rashtrotkarsh Abhiyan’ - a campaign for upliftment of the nation, the ‘Hindu Rashtra Sangh’, ‘Aditya Vahini’ and ‘Ananda Vahini’. Of these, Aditya Vahini is an organization for men whereas Ananda Vahini is for women.
Boys of ages 4 - 14 belong to ‘Bal Aditya Vahini’ - the children’s wing of the parent ‘Aditya Vahini’. Teenage boys and adult men in the age group of 15-45 become the members of Aditya Vahini group. All those men aged above 45 years become members of Peetha Parishad. Similarly,  girls of ages 4 - 14 belong to ‘Bal Ananda Vahini’ - the children’s wing of the parent ‘Ananda Vahini’. Teenage girls and adult women above 15 years of age become the members of Ananda Vahini group.

Below are some important aspects of the organization:

Central office of the organization:
Sri Shankaracharya Govardhana Peetha, Shankaracharya Marg, Balishahi, Puri 752001 (Odisha)

Different Wings of the Organization

Dharma Sangh

Peetha Parishad

    1. To run educational and scientific institutions in the Vedic way,
    2. To help attain the four Purusharthas - Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha by Sanatanic and Vedic method,
    3. To afford all kinds of protection to Yajnasadhakas, family of cows, Ganga, Maths, temples, Vedic scholars, the Vedas, the truthful, the generous and non greedy human beings,
    4. Preserving the sources of energy in the form of earth, water, fire and air in their original form by supporting progress in the field of both spiritual and material development with the help of Vedic science.
    5. Harmonizing potential dangers from active usage of large machinery,
    6. Rejection of directionless businesses,
    7. Governance machinery devoid of greed for power and short-sightedness,
    8. To practice education, defence, justice, marriage, joint family, agriculture, cow protection, commerce, services and employment consistent with Vedic knowledge and sanatana way,
    9. Protection of every one’s interests and well-being.

Service Motto

The members of the organization meet on each Sunday of every month in their place with an intent of social welfare for various services like cleaning public places like temples, hospitals, lakes, schools or for tree planting. Similarly, they can render services in Goshala in their places. In respect of these activities, it is also possible to give publicity in various media. After these activities, the members are required to send reports to regional office. Also, these can be published in the newsletter of the organization.