In eastern side in Puri, he established Govardhan Math which is related to Rigveda, around 2501 years ago. In south, attached and related to Rameshwaram, he established another Peetham in Sringeri which is related to Yajurveda; in West, he established Dwarkapuri peetham which is related to Sama Veda. In north, within the boundary of Badrivan, in Badrinath are, he established Jyotirmath Peetham which is related to Atharvveda. To every single peetham, each one related to one Veda, was given the responsibility to keep alive all the Vedic literature like Upavedas, etc and the related attributes i.e 32 desciplines of knowledge and 64 kinds of arts.

He analysed Sanyasa Ashram and appointed one Acharya for each peetham and assigned them the designation of Jagadguru Shankaracharya. He composed constitution in to govern all the maths in 70 verses naming Mathamnaya Mahanushasanam. Hence, all the mathas are governed by these 70 verses. He assigned one Devi, one area, one Gotra to each of these mathas. Like the capital of a country is not the whole area of that country, similarly, he connected these four spiritual capitals to the whole world.

The era of Bhagwan Shankaracharya espoused by Britishers, is a part of their propaganda. But the time, when Shankaracharya was present, neither that time was Jesus or Mohammed or their followers. One king Sudhanva who was from lineage of King Yudhisthira, he became a Buddhist himself after coming into contact with Budhist and he was using his power for the degradation of Vedic Dharma, alongwith Kumarila Bhatta, Shankaracharya Ji corrected his mind and heart and established him as rule of Vedic Aryas and also made him responsible to preserve the dignity of four peethams. Sudhanva Ji was proclaimed as the rule of whole world.

This is also important to understand that Shankaracharya Ji also explained the ten forms of Sanyasis. Two Sanyasis, Vana and Aranya belonging to Govardhanmath Puri Peetham were made responsible to ensure safety of Vana and Aranya and the residents of these also remain safe. Vidharmis do not succeed. In Mahabharat, there is Aranya Parva under Vana Parva. The small forest is called Aranya and large Aranya is called Vana. From the perspective of environment, Shankaracharya gave much importance to Vana and Aranya as you know the earth is made of seven continents and the name and categorization of these continents is as per the name of kind of flora and fauna there. Jambudweep, Kusha dweep etc. Similarly Krauncha Dweep in the name of a mountain, and there is Ksheer Sagar and Ksheer Sindhu in sea. So, on the basis of water, mountains and forest, the continents were categorized.  So, from this perspective, Shankaracharya Ji, to keep the Vana and Aranya and their residents safe and to keep the wicked people away, he promulgated Sanyasis – Vana and Aranya. As education institute, he promulgated two Sanyasis – Saraswati and Bharati. As higher institute of learning, he promulgated Saraswati named Sanyasis and as medium institute of learning, he promulgated Bharati named Sanyasis so that with the help of these institutes, there is no digression. The education which is against morality and spirituality doesn’t get sensationalized. The cities like Ayodhya, Mathura etc we have, to keep them organized, Puri named Sanyasis were promulgated. Our Tirthas and Ashrama don’t get digressed, with this intention, he promulgated Tirtha and Ashrama named Sanyasis related to Dwarka peetham. Saagar, Samudra, Parvat and Giri. Brihad Giri is named Parvat, small mountain is called Giri as per Matsyapuran. Parvat, Giri, Sagar named Sanyasis were promulgated by Shankaracharya. Few years ago, Pakistani terrorists entered Mumbai through the sea. If the learnings of Bhagwan Shankaracharya Ji would have been operatinalised, then our seas would be protected.The entry of any anti-social elements and wicked people would have been barred.

Shankaracharya ji told this thing ‘Yatha Deve Tatha Guro’. Expounding this line from Shvetashwaraupanishad, he said, “The Acharyas promulgated on my seat with due procedure, they will  be my reflection only.” And he told this thing as well as per Shiva Purana, that Bhagwan manifest in four Yugas as four Gurus. One process is that in Kritayuga Satyuga, BrahmaJi is Guru for whole earth, in Treta Vashistha is Guru. In Dwapar Vyasa Ji is Guru and in Kaliyuga, Shankaracharya is Guru. The second process is that manifestation of Shiva, Dakshinamurti is Guru in Kritayuga Satyuga, Dattatreya Mahagbhag is Guru in Treta, Vedvyas Ji is Guru in Dwapar and upto later stages of Kaliyuga, Bhagwan Shankaracharya and Acharyas promulgated him are Gurus of Peethams established by him.

In keeping with the traditions of Adi Shankaracharya, the pontiff of Puri, JagadguruShankaracharya Sri NishchalandaSaraswatiMaharaj, being merciful to everyone, has started institutions such as Dharma SanghaParishad, Aditya Vahini and AnandVahini to protect the country, its values and integrity. Under the aegis of these institutions the supreme sanatana dharma is being propagated and transmitted all the time.